Thematic Approach to Academic Curriculum!

We use a thematic backdrop to teach, experience, and explore all areas of our curriculum.  Each school year has a “mascot” with whom students identify and become very familiar.  The “mascot” is representative of the yearlong theme, and with the theme, helps make learning fun and age appropriate.

Each class level works on letter recognition, phonics, writing letters, early reading skills, literature, math, science, music, drama, art, social attributes, and language with age appropriate activities and goals.

Along with the major theme are several mini-themes.  Some are drawn from and influenced by the time of year and the season.  Not to be placed last, but of primary importance, is our spiritual development.  A topic that is not only a continuous part of our program throughout the whole year, but is presented at our special “Bible Study” time.

Four Traditional Themes:

2019/2020~  “Celebrate A Day and Celebrate the USA”

- Every day is a holiday with Holiday & Holly Bear!

“Tell the Story” – Pioneer study with Laura Ingalls Wilder

 “All Around My World” – Local, global, space orientation with puppy Walter Muttson

 “Mickey’s Year – Far and Near” – Disney based with Mickey and Minnie