The ultimate objective of the program is to facilitate successful interaction between the child and his/her expanding environment.  The curriculum of the DLC is based on sound educational theory and incorporates a thematic approach.

No child is expected to perform any task for which he/she has not developed readiness.  Children are taught at their own level of development, and carefully monitored by the teachers.

The learning environment contains experiences for the child in such areas as art, music, social and physical science, literature, creative movement, body awareness, perceptual skills, number readiness, and reading readiness.

The daily program includes time when the child is free to choose materials from the environment that are meaningful to him/her.

Teachers serve as guides and provide individual help whenever needed.  Each day the child participates in group activities, e.g. stories, music, and games.

To enrich the program and extend the child’s interests and experience, outside resource people may be a part of children’s opportunities to enrich and extend their learning experiences.